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Sliding contacts

Inserts VKT

Contact trolleybus strips from LEG Ltd. in KhakrivContact trolleybus inserts from LEG Ltd.

Contact inserts of VKT type are fixed in heads of contact shoes and immediately involved in current collection from wires trolleybus line. 
We offer contact strips assortment of which gives possibility to provide with contact strips not only all Ukrainian enterprises of public electric transport but also to export to 50000 strips every month.
Running time of graphitized carbon strips should guarantee a trolley bus pass not less than 300km in dry weather, in the absence of eccentric bias of wires at the junction. Guarantee running time of metal-graphite strips under the same conditions should provide a trolley bus pass not less than 800km.

Name of a specification

VKT strips
 Сarbon graphite 
 Metallgraphite strips 
 Specific electric resistance,  
no more
Density, not lessg/cm3 1,63
Breaking stress 
under bending, not less
Breaking stress 
 in compression, not less 

Strips of a tram current-collector device

Strips of a tram current-collector device  is a graphite part which is used in a current-collector device (a collector) of a tram to provide safe electric contact between a current-carrying wire and a collector.

We produce strips of tram current-collector devices of any sizes and forms according to your drawings.

Strip of a tram current-collectorStrip of a tram current-collector from LEG Ltd.