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Specialists of the company LEG Ltd. have developed and put into production new carbon brush materials - EF-68 and FE6X.

New carbon brush materials - EF-68 and FE6X.

Carbon brushes from the new graphite-polymeric materials EF-68 and FE6X have high physico-mechanical and collector characteristics. The materials passed a full cycle of bench tests at the certified center of the SE Plant Electrotyazhmash. The above-mentioned materials are characterized by: low wear, reduced coefficient of friction (0.13-0.16) when the total voltage on a pair of brushes drops to 1.6-3.2 V and a uniform brush film, which is fast formed.

A key feature of these materials is that they work instead of several completely different classes of brush materials: EG61A, G-27, MGS8. This list is by no means exhaustive.


Date: 01.02.2017 details

We offer you to read our thought on the determination of the optimum sliding electric contact operating conditions based on minimum energy release conditions

Determination of the optimum sliding electric contact operating conditions based on minimum energy release conditions

A huge amount of research has been devoted to issues related to optimum working conditions of sliding electric contacts (e.g. carbon brushes). A considerable number of theories, has been put forward, more or less successfully describing some individual cases. Every self-respecting manufacturer (and we are no exception) shall certainly indicate the operating conditions of all own brands of carbon brush materials which he sees optimal.All the brochures dedicated to carbon brushes by all means specify the maximum permissible collector linear speed, the suggested brush pressure, normal current density, the coefficient of friction and contact voltage drop across a pair of brushes. All manufacturers of electric machines consider themselves to know the optimum collector temperature and a lot of other sliding contact parameters. However, up to now the trial and error method has been the only way to select carbon brushes for a newly created machine.

Date: 15.12.2016 details

Attention! The cases of counterfeit LEG Ltd. products have been increased.

Please buy our products directly or through authorized dealers.                                                                                                                      

Date: 20.09.2016

The production of carbon pillars of brands: SU-13, SU-14, SU-15I, 18I-SU, the SU-19, SU-8, SU-9 has been established.

Carbon resistance pillarsCarbon resistance pillars consist of a set of individual carbon washers or disc with a thickness from 0 5 mm to a few millimeters and are used in generator voltage regulators, speed motor regulators, in a rheostats with a continuously variable resistance, in regulators and pressure indicators.

Manufacture of these carbon pillars are carried out only according to customer drawings or samples of the desired product.

Date: 24.05.2016

We tested carbon brushes EG5003 with improved commutation

Carbon brushes EG5003Our company has mastered production of carbon brushes with improved commutation, which is achieved by division of carbon brush into three parts.

Also we improve the overall reliability of the node by increasing the number of current leads from four to six.

Carbon brushes EG5003 (25/3)x32x57 have been successfully tested at the freight AC locomotives.

Date: 13.08.2015