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About company

Company "LEG" Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of carbon-based materials and products of them in Ukraine. We produce carbon brushes for electrical machines, carbon insert and graphite strips for electric transport, graphite seals for oil and gas industry, graphite molds, graphite dies, furnaces, carbon mountings and much more.

Company "LEG" Ltd. was founded in 1993. It was then that the company began a serial production of carbon brushes for electrical machines which gave rise to the growth and development of the enterprise. Since 1997 we are members of the International Association of enterprises of public electrical transport (MAP GET), which includes representatives of all the states of the former USSR. The same year a voluntary certification of our carbon brush in the UkrSEPRO system has been performed.
LEG Ltd - the leading manufacturer of carbon-based materials in Ukraine.
In 1998, faced with the necessity of technical innovation, one of the founders of Company "LEG" Ltd. organized STC Vuglets Ltd, the main task of which was to develop new carbon-based materials and to improve their production technology.

Using high-level experience of our staff - former employees of the Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology National Science Center (NSC KIPT), which had formerly been engaged in the development of carbon-based materials for Soviet machinery, and partnership with STC Vuglets Ltd we have reached a high level of quality in production of own materials and products, which are not inferior to competitive European analogues.
Company "LEG" Ltd. has put into production more than 20 brands of brush materials and more than 20 brands of graphite materials to manufacture products for various applications, including high temperature, chemical resistance and so on.

Besides the production of graphite products, the company is involved in the development of conjugate devices and products, such as brush holders and their spare parts, contact shoes and other.

The range of our materials and products has been increasing every year, to meet the needs of national and foreign industry. It should be also noted that many of our products have outperformed foreign alalogues by technical characteristics and have independent test certificates.

Today, Company "LEG" Ltd. offers products that are second to none in the world in terms of price/quality. Our work is aimed at meeting the needs of the most demanding customers.