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Furnaces and carbon mountings

Furnaces and carbon accessories are used in vacuum or inert environment at a temperature of not more than 2000 ° C
Main applications:

•    Thermal vacuum processing and heat hardening of gas-turbine blades, gas-turbine airplane and gas-compressor drives;
•    Obtaining heat-resistant alloys and parts by crystallization direction;
•    Obtaining cemented-carbide tools.

Heating units for airfree furnaces
Heating units for airfree furnaces (of UVNK type)  – The main element of direct crystallization UVNK-8P installation is a heating unit. RDC Vuglets Ltd ís a developer of an upgraded unit using which it became possible to save energy, to increase service life and to augment workability percent of casted parts owing to design improvement and usage of materials with lower conductivity. 
Exposed walls, top outer screen and bottom screen of a heating unit are made of erosion-resistant carbon-carbon composition material.

•    Heat proof of exposed and side walls, top screen and door is combined: graphite foil and hard carbon fiber board are protected with graphite gas proof foil. 
In order to avoid peeling, butt ends of heat proof are protected with a special carbonaceous coating. Inputs of current leads are piped with carbon-carbon composition material. In avoidance of short circuit of current-carrying parts there are isolators made of high-temperature ceramic on a case in location of heater inputs. 

•    Upgraded unit has the same application as a unit-prototype, it is used in the same mounting, has the same dimensions of a heated zone. Mounting dimensions and dimensional specifications are elaborated in the place of installation in a vacuum chamber. Unit parts which have the least service life (top and bottom heaters) are replaceable with a furnace-prototype. 

Graphite heaters and current leads (heating parts) are used in different areas of industry as heaters in resistant furnaces, which operate in airfree or protected environment for concreting hard-facing alloys, crystal fuse and also in production of solid state and other materials.

Graphite heaters
Graphite heaters are used instead of tungsten and molybdenic ones for fuse of rare metals and solid state metals in vacuum and other closed electric furnaces. They can operate under temperature not higher than 2000-2200°С. Graphite heaters stably work in vacuum to 1х10-2mm of mercury, under temperatures to 2000°С, rate of flow of 1500-2000А, under voltage of 12-24V.

There are three main types of produced graphite heaters: cylindrical, slotted and spiraling.. Main dimensions of heaters are limited with maximum dimensions of subproducts. 

Graphite firepots and carbon (UUKM) facilitiesGraphite and carbon (UUKM) facilities (screens, firepots, etc) – are made for graphite firepots, charging boxes and tables, bearings, blades, graphite plugs, jackets and other fabricated shapes.

Heat-insulting materialsHeat-insulting materials

Carbon fibrous foiled heat insultingCarbon fibrous foiled heat insulting (UFTT) – light heat-insulting material is constructive thermally insulting element, which is produced in sheets of different thickness and in cylindrical form. Covering face from operator side and also inner layers of graphite foils increase resistance to influence of fusions and penetration of steam which destroy heat insulting.

Graphite foil (GF)Graphite foil (GF) – is a flexible material that is produced in sheets of different thickness. It is used for manufacturing of heat screens, covering materials for UFTT, spacer material between graphite heating elements and current leads for decrease of contact resistance at the place of parts connection.

Protecting coating solution UFTTProtecting coating solution UFTT – suspension of graphite of fine fraction in organic solution. It is used for butts UFTT applying on a surface. After drying it creates gas proof layer, which resists penetration of steams in recesses of heat proof. It is also used for improvement of contract strength between graphite heating elements.

High-temperature ceramic (HTK)High-temperature ceramic (HTK) – constructional dielectric material on the basis of aluminic oxide. Products made of high-temperature ceramic are used as electrically insulting elements in heat-treatment installations.