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Services of materials heat treatment

We provide services of heat treatment in vacuum furnaces SCC-2,4-2/16 (graphite heating element) as to the temparature mode specified by the customer. 

The volume of furnaces, allows annealing of large quantities, and the automation of this procedure allows carrying out a compound process of setting temperatures and excerpts with no time limit.

We determine the following properties of carbon materials:

1. Physical and mechanical measurements:
   - Brinell and Rockwell Hardness;
   - Сompressive strength;
   - Flexural strength;
   - Gas permeability of carbon materials
2. Specific electrical resistivity
3. Chemical analysis services:
   - Porosity and density
   - Oil and liquid absorption
   - Analysis of ash content
   - Mass fraction of manganese.
4. Material testing on a friction bench with the specified conditions (currend load, linear speed, pressure exerted on material):
   - friction coefficient
   - wear of material and counterface.
5. linear expansion thermal coefficient
6. Thermogravimetric alalysis and thermal oxidation (loss of mass and physical and mechanical properties of material when exposed to oxidizing environment and high temperatures) of samples submitted by the customer at pre-set temparature modes.

Selection of material:

Instead of graphite products of soviet or foreign production which you use, we will select our own material for you in accordance with your production needs and with properties superior to those of the submitted samples.

How does it work?

You send us your material samples and their technical documentation (if any), describe the application field and the crucial characteristics of this product. We carry out a research and find the best solution for you. We send you the options of performance. You check them in operation and select a sample of graphite material you like most.
Relying on our experience you will get a profitable, professional cooperation, on-time deliveries and a quality guarantee from the manufacturer.